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People v Money

What if I prove the corruption within the judiciary [facilitating the largest transfer of wealth in modern U.S. history] is so widespread, and the evidence of guilt is so indisputable, that you – yes, YOU – will feel compelled to join me in changing the court system, not just in Florida, but courtrooms across America?

  • This book is the biggest expose on the judicial system of our lifetime, revealing how corrupt judges aligned with big business for their own benefit, to the detriment of millions of Americans they were elected to serve.
  • Be inspired by unprecedented efforts at fighting income inequality, with unique solutions to curb government corruption and fix America's rigged economy.
  • See how one person stepped up to give you a voice in our system of government.
People v Money by Mark P. Stopa

Releasing Worldwide on Tuesday, October 29, 2019!

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Releasing Worldwide on Tuesday, October 29, 2019!

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People v Money

What happens when you combine The Big Short and Erin Brockovich? Like those non-fiction blockbusters, People v Money reads like a Hollywood movie script.

Mark Stopa, like the protagonists in those films, is both famous and infamous in the Florida legal community – a hero and a villain, depending on whom you ask. To thousands of Floridians, Mark was a voice of hope in the aftermath of the Great Recession, striving to prevent banks from effectuating the largest transfer of wealth in modern U.S. history. To the banking industry, Mark was Enemy #1. Yet this book is not about Mark Stopa.

People v Money gives an unprecedented, first-hand account of widespread corruption at the highest levels of Florida government. From “America's best foreclosure defense attorney” to investigative journalist to author, Mark's narrative takes you on an epic journey through that corruption. Just when you think the corruption can't go any deeper, it does – from trial courts to the Florida Supreme Court, the Attorney General's Office, and the Governor's Mansion! Before you're done, you'll see why readers are calling People v Money “the biggest exposé on the judicial system of our lifetime.” You will be shocked. You will be horrified. You will be outraged. Most importantly, you will be inspired to fight back.

Mark P. Stopa, Author

A word from the author

“Helping fellow Americans who are less fortunate has been one of my life's great joys.”

After years of unprecedented success in this regard, big business and corrupt judges conspired against me, hoping their false attacks would silence me, conceal their bad acts, and prevent dissemination of this book. Instead, these corrupt actors emboldened me to dig deeper, work harder, and reveal more.

The culmination of my life's work, People v Money is a horrifying illustration of America's rigged economy. It proves how a small handful of giant corporations are destroying our democracy – aided by corrupt “public servants” who shirk the will of millions of Americans by aligning with big business for their own benefit. More than an exposé, People v Money is a call to action – a sincere effort to raise public awareness and inspire change.

For many years, I embarked on this journey alone. Sadly, corporate greed is too strong, and the forces of evil too powerful, for one person to overcome them. Together, though, We The People can restore our democracy and give everyone a voice in our system of government.

Will you help?

Mark P. Stopa Signature

About Mark Stopa

“The busiest lawyer in private practice”

Mark Stopa is best known as "America's best foreclosure defense attorney." Mark's cutting-edge legal arguments changed the law for the benefit of millions of Americans, and his work has been featured on the NBC Nightly News, the New York Times, and countless media outlets in Florida, where he and his family call home.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Mark prefers the road less traveled. He hopes to teach his children to pursue their dreams and always do what they know to be right - without fear of failure and no matter the obstacles. When he's not mailing People v Money to every U.S. Senator with an eye towards changing our system of government for the benefit of 200 million people or implementing business solutions for homeowners and lenders in the foreclosure process,, Mark can be found turning almost anything into a competition, including a fantasy football hobby that has evolved into friendships with some of America's leading analysts. Go Bills!

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